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Newsletter April 2016


***Please note the Welcome Spring Scramble has been postponed until Thursday May 5th. ***

Managers Message
Bruce R. McIntyre, Director of Golf

Does the old saying “April showers bring May flowers” pertain to snow showers too? You have to love this Cape Cod spring weather! Oh well, it won’t last long and warmer days are coming. 
The roof at OBF has been replaced and work on the Hyannis roof is in progress. The deck, awning, exterior trim and painting work for OBF is out to bid now. The main entrance improvements, exterior trim and painting at the Hyannis GC clubhouse will follow. We expect to see continued improvements this spring but we realize that some work will be put off until the fall to minimize disruptions to business and customer inconvenience. 
We have two CIP (capital improvement plan) recommendations for the upcoming fiscal year. Both are continuations of building and facility upgrades at each golf course. At Hyannis GC we will replace the large exterior deck, stairway and awning. We will also reconstruct the interior stairwell. At OBF we will be replacing doors and windows as well as making upgrades to the HVAC system and ceiling repairs. The Town Council will begin discussions on CIP at the April 7 meeting. Annual operating budget review by Town Council will begin in June.
It’s that time of year again to be on the lookout for ticks and other biting insects. Predictions are that the mild winter will result in a bumper crop of ticks this year. Be careful when entering wooded and grassy areas and be vigilant in checking yourself after golfing, dog walking, etc. Use tick repellants such as Permithrin on your clothing to help keep ticks away.
Enjoy the Masters!!

Turf Talk by Chris White,
Director of Golf Maintenance

       Maintenance plays Hurry Up & Wait with Mother Nature
I don’t think anyone wanted to see cold temperatures and snow in the month of April, but it’s out of our control. The month of April is a very busy month for both maintenance crews. The courses have switched from clean-up to prepping for aeration. Olde Barney will begin aerating greens on Monday (4/11/16). We will be using ½ inch tines on the greens this spring. By using this size tine we can pull a bigger plug and put fresh 1.5mm sand back into the soil. The greens will still heal quickly and make for a smooth putting surface throughout the season. O.B.F. will also use that time to aerate fairways, and finish aerating the tees.
Hyannis will start aerating on Tuesday (4/19/16), and will follow the same procedure as O.B.F. I expect the weather temperatures to rise and anticipate good playing conditions by May.
Before the weather changed the golf courses were right on schedule. We have cut fairways and tees once and they are looking healthy. The greens have been cut a few times and look very good. Both courses have a little more stump grinding to do around the greens. Once the stump grinding is completed, the holes will be filled with loam and topped off with seed. Hyannis will see some tree trimming around the wetland on the second hole. The golf course was approved by Conservation Commission in March to have this work done. A certified arborist will be trimming up the big pitch pine tree and doing some corrective pruning around the perimeter. We hope this will increase visibility of the fairway and make the tee shot more player friendly. I feel this will be a huge improvement to our signature hole.
I look forward to seeing you on the courses this spring.       

Pro’s Corner

 As we welcome in the 2016 season, both golf shops are full of brand new merchandise from the industry’s top manufacturers.  Footjoy, Under Armour, Cutter & Buck, Ahead, and Antigua – just to name a few!  Beyond apparel, we have lots of great gear from laser rangefinders to all leather headcovers embroidered with your club’s logo – so come on in and see what’s new.
As of April 1st, all 2015 annual passes have expired, and those who have not yet renewed will not be able to access the tee time or GHIN systems.  Regarding renewal - as in year’s past, we require a copy of your valid driver’s license and proof of residency (if purchasing a “resident pass”).  In order to best expedite the process, for not only your sake but also those in line behind you, we ask that you please have your completed application and the above information available at time of renewal. 
Also as of April 1st, the GHIN handicap system is now back up and running.  Handicaps are great for many reasons – most notably they keep the game fair and provide motivation for improvement.  I urge everyone to stop in and activate your official GHIN handicap today!
The Monday Quota League at Hyannis GC will start its second season very soon – as early as this coming Monday the 11th if Mother Nature cooperates.  Last year’s league was very successful with over $4,000 in prizes won by participants.  We’re hoping to double that this year – but we need you!  This is a 9 hole league, played anytime throughout the day on Mondays as long as you play with at least one other league member.  Please call the golf shop or stop in for more details.



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