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Managers Message
Bruce R. McIntyre, Director of Golf
What a difference a year makes! The sun is shining, it’s not too cold and there is no snow. Hyannis GC has been open for the last couple weeks with carts available and no temporary greens. Play has been brisk and we are taking tee times. Olde Barnstable  opened Friday, March 4th.  From what I can tell both courses fared well over this brief winter and they should be in great shape this spring.
The roof replacement projects for each clubhouse are scheduled to begin during the first two weeks of March. The deck, exterior trim and painting work for OBF is scheduled for April. The main entrance improvements, exterior trim and painting at the Hyannis GC clubhouse will follow.
The busy season is fast approaching in the golfing world. I would like to take some time to address some key topics that affect everyone’s golfing experience. Pace of play, proper golf etiquette, and appropriate dress all affect the atmosphere and quality of experience found at our two beautiful golf courses. As you dust off your sticks this spring give a little thought to these items. The operations staff will once again be closely monitoring pace of play in an effort to continue the improvements we saw in this area last season.  The Golf Professionals will talk about this more in their message this month. Think about how your game affects those in front of and behind you.
Please practice good golf etiquette while playing. Whether it be allowing faster groups to play through, obeying carts signs, or simply repairing your ball mark there is something everyone can do that affects the golf courses and those who enjoy them.
Finally, while we are not a private club, we do have to try to maintain a minimum standard as far as appropriate acceptable attire is concerned. Cut off shorts, tank tops, shirts with offensive language or images, gym and swimming attire are examples of inappropriate golfing attire. Proper footwear is also expected. Lug sole work boots and metal spike golf shoes are not allowed on the greens.
Enough from my soapbox, happy spring, enjoy your golfing opportunities!
                                                  MARCH MADNESS 

Turf Talk by Chris White, Director of Golf Maintenance
This year is setting up to be a good one. Hopefully the snow is gone for the season and the temperatures stay above normal. The turf looks very healthy and the root system of the greens seem to be shooting deeper than in the past few years. All this is a good recipe for strong and healthy turf. March madness has started for the maintenance crews at both golf courses. We have begun our spring clean-up early this year. Mother Nature is giving us the right weather conditions to complete our clean-up and begin aeration of the tees. We will be cutting the greens this week and start verti cutting the greens bi-weekly. Verti-cutting helps stand the grass up, removes thatch and removes some grain in the greens. The bottom line is the greens will roll more true this year with the completion of these practices. We will be using our blowers and sweepers for the next 2 weeks to beautify the golf courses, so please be patient with us.
Over the winter, we removed some trees around greens to help get sunlight and air movement to these areas. This in turn will help the turf become stronger and more resilient to heat stress and disease in the summer months. The mechanics have finished sharpening all the mower reels, and have completed the necessary maintenance to the machinery.
The weather looks good, and I look forward to seeing you on the courses this spring.

Pro's Message

Pace of Play  - Pace of Play – Pace of Play…
The most common term heard by a Golf Professional.   What should the pace of play be?
The recommended pace of play for both of the Town of Barnstable Golf courses is 4:15 minutes.  This is just the average.  Our goal is to have the early morning pace to be at 4 hours or less and the afternoons will be between 4:15 and 4:30.  This pace will be affected positively or negatively based on how busy the tee sheet is or ability of golfers.
We do recommend that beginners or slower golfers play in the late afternoon to not affect the whole days pace of play.  Pace of play recommendations are listed on the golf course scorecards.
Each month during the season we will give a hint to help with pace of play, this month we focus on being ready to hit the ball.
When you make a time to tee off, be ready at that time, not just arriving at the club. When someone is teeing up, the next person to hit should be standing by the tee, ready. Don’t wait in the cart until it is your turn.
After hitting a shot, get into your cart, still holding the club you just used. A great deal of time is wasted putting on the head cover and putting the club back in the bag. Take care of it the next time the cart stops or the next time you hit.
If you are the driver and would not interfere with the hitter, leave your passenger (and 2-3 clubs) and drive to your ball. If your passenger can’t walk that far after hitting the shot, go back for him or her, then both go on to the next player. If the driver can walk to the ball without interfering with the hitter, leave the cart for the passenger who can then pick up the driver at her ball. We don’t always have to be delivered to the ball.
Set your pace by the group ahead, not the group behind.
If you keep up with the group ahead of you, you won't have to worry about the ones behind you!
Don't forget to sign up for the St. Patrick's Scramble at OBF on March 17th. For a list of all events please check out the calendar on

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